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    1. Aroma-Company: who are we?

E-liquid shop Aroma-Company offers a wide selection of ingredients for creating unique flavors for vaping. Here you can buy e-liquids both retail and wholesale, delivered directly to your home.

Also, we invite you to visit our vape shops in Belgium to get some tips and advice from our staff representatives.


  1. Wich e-liquids used for DIY-aromas?

For beginners, we recommend to start with ready-made e-liquids to understand what flavors you like: fruit, mint, tonic, sweet, creamy, coffee, tobacco,… You can also buy a ready-made sample package, wich consists several flavors or you can create your very own mix.

E-liquids such as Capella, Flavour Art and Flavormonks are very populair, but ofcourse there are a whole lot more brands you can try! We offer a big collection of one-shot aroma, for example: Boss Shots, Egoist, K-Boom, Vampire Vape and many others. For more information and placing an order, you can go to our website www.aroma-company.be.


      1. Choose your materials!

At our e-liquid shop, you can order everything you need for DIY- liquids in one click:

      • Bases
      • Aroma
      • Bottles
      • Syringe


There you can also order e-cigarette accessories:

      • Batteries and chargers
      • Wicks and wires
      • Prebuilt Coils
      • Tool kits


You need to start with buying a liquid base, this base will be the main component of your recipe. At our ore, you can buy a base for e-liquids in large bottles of 500-1000ml. Brands as Steam Queen, Vape or DIY, Flavor Monks or especially popular. This base can be used with or without additional flavors, however you will agree that it is much more pleasant if the steam has some flavor of fruits, candy, coffee or a combination of different flavors.



Note the concentration of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) in the liquid:

      • If a base has more glycerin (VG), the liquid becomes thick and sticky and gives a lot of thick steam. At the same time, you will have to add more aroma to have the same flavor.
      • Propylene glycol (PG) will give your aroma more flavor and your liquid will be less sticky. Also, steam won’t be as much. (especially used for smaller e-cigarettes)


      1. Choose your flavor!

So, now you have acquired the base and tools, it’s time to choose an e-liquid and start creating your own recipe. For a pleasant and tasty vaping, the mount of flavor in e-liquid should be from 5% to 20%. You can use only one flavor, or mix a few. Some of our personal favorites: apple with grapes or kiwi with strawberries. Also, a combination of berries with creamy or minty flavors will give you a pleasant taste of vape.

Tip: Try new combinations of flavors to find your personal, favorite mix!

In liquids for electronic cigarettes, there is often a nicotine booster. Since the law prohibits the sale of nicotine online, we suggest you to visit our vape shops at Hamme or Bornem; always welcome!

New: Aroma-Company & Vape-Company are now also a Facemsk distributor. Are you looking for a fun & practical way against cold & other weather elements? Then definitely try the Faceshield from Facemsk!

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